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The Arizona Juvenile Justice Commission

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The Arizona Juvenile Justice Commission is authorized under Executive Order 2020-06 to address juvenile delinquency and child welfare issues in the State. The AJJC consists of members appointed by the Governor. The members have training, experience and special knowledge concerning the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency, the administration of juvenile justice and child welfare systems. The AJJC includes representation from juvenile justice agencies, child welfare agencies, private nonprofit organizations, locally-elected officials, as well as volunteers and youth.

2020 Meeting Schedule

Agendas, Minutes and Documents

The Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family agendas, minutes and other related documents as they become available.

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Sub-Committees / Workgroups

This Council or Commission is able to create sub-committees and workgroups necessary to complete the work outlined in the body's Executive Order. Each sub-committee and workgroup is comprised of members from the Council or Commission, issue-area experts, and/or community stakeholders.

Executive Committee

Strategic Oversight

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Children's Justice Committee

Addresses Statewide Issues

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DMC Committee

Addresses Disproportionate Minority Contact in the Juvenile Justice System

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Grants Committee

Assists with Programs Funded by the Commission

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