Office of the Arizona Governor Doug Ducey
Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family

Real Impact

In 2015, Terros’ All Stars program met the needs of youth to reduce juvenile delinquency and drug usage by teaching healthy goal-setting and decision-making.
Wellness & Recovery

Juvenile Justice

From Detention to Diploma

The Coconino County Juvenile Detention Center is trying to address the high school dropout rate for American Indians, which is almost twice the national average.

Hope Assessment Center

Yuma County Detention Center gives youth hope, not jail.

Increased Graduation

In 2015, eighty High School Diplomas were earned at Adobe Mountain School, a 250% increase from 33 high school diplomas earned in the previous year

Life Skills for At-Risk Teens

In fiscal year 2015, the Arizona Youth Partnership’s Life Skills program provided instruction to 89 middle school-aged youth in rural Arizona to reduce alcohol, tobacco and drug and use.